Why tamanu oil

Why tamanu oil


High in oleic acid (Crane et al, 2005), this oil is very rich and slow drying.


Rich in the coumarin calophyllolide and a series of related compounds (Dweck and Meadows 2002; Leu et al, 2009). Calophyllodide and its derivatives are a novel class of phytochemicals unique to the Calophyllum plant with powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal activities and anti-inflammatory properties (Dweck and Meadows 2002; Prabakaran and Britto 2012; Leguillier et al, 2015). A recent study showed that tamanu oil exhibits high anti-bacterial activity against bacterial strains involved in acne (Leguillier et al, 2015).

Rich in xanthones and triterpenes (Dweck and Meadows 2002; Said et al, 2007), two less well studied classes of phytochemicals. Triterpenes have been linked to improving epidermal barrier function and accelerating tissue repair in wound healing (Farwick et al, 2014; Leguillier et al, 2015; reviewed in Agra et al, 2015).


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