Why unrefined oils

Why unrefined oils

The refining of an oil is a process that takes place after extraction, subjecting the oil to chemical solvents and high heat to bleach and deodorize it. Refining is done to fade the color and the enzymatic scents of the oil that some customers find unappealing, and to extend the oil’s shelf life to several years.

As a result, most products in the market today use refined ingredients. However, the refining process destroys many of the phytonutrients, which give the oil its bioactivity with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and photo-protective powers.

A published study showed that refining the oil caused an 80% loss of tocopherols –the powerful antioxidants found in raspberry oil, and more than 50% loss of alpha-linolenic acid –the omega-3 essential fatty acid (Lambelet et al, 2003). Even more disturbingly, refining damages the fatty acid profile of the oil, which creates toxic species, leaving not only a significantly less efficacious but sometimes harmful product.

That is why RAW IS EVERYTHING.™ oils are always unrefined.



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