RAW IS EVERYTHING. featured on BostInno

RAW IS EVERYTHING. featured on BostInno

February, 2016.

“Take a peek in your bathroom and count how many products you use for grooming. Now, how many of those products have ingredients that you can list off the top of your head? I honestly couldn’t think of one if you paid me…These women set off to do thorough research into which natural components were the most effective, safest means of treating common skin concerns that affect women. It took more than a year to examine and test different components, but they’ve pinpointed several potent oils that have been some of world’s best kept beauty secrets for centuries….

This female power team launched its RAW line a matter of days ago, and it’s already packing orders. It consists of four, single-ingredient products that range in price from $45 to $55, including its Age-Defying Concentrate (rosehip oil), Facial Moisturizer (passionfruit seed oil), Antioxidant Treatment (raspberry seed oil) and Clear-Skin Treatment (tanamu oil). The products are all sustainably sourced, unrefined and cold-pressed to ensure these oils retain their integrity, safety and efficacy.”

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