100% unrefined, cold pressed, organic Calophyllum inophyllum (tamanu) oil.

Clears and prevents blemishes.
Helps reduce appearance of scars.
Calms and soothes.
Deeply moisturizes.


Native to tropical Southeast Asia and regarded as “the pharmacopoeia of beauty oils,” this oil has been used by Polynesian women to clear acne and reduce the appearance of scars, and in Pacific folk medicine to accelerate wound healing.


High in oleic acid.
Rich in the coumarin calophyllolide.
Rich in xanthones and triterpenes.


Using fingertips apply 1-2 drops of oil directly on the affected area. Use as often as required.

Watch the how-to video.


Dark green in color with a strong nutty scent due to its unrefined, whole-potency state. Packaged in a unique bottle designed to protect this oil from sunlight and heat damage.


This oil has been used to soothe irritated skin and insect bites.

  1. Eden

    I have a long history of hormonal acne. I’m 44 now and I’m seeing an increase in painful whiteheads. I am weary of using acne treatments filled with parabens or ones that dried my skin out. I’ve tried many “natural” ointments in the past with poor results. I decided to give this a try. I ordered the sample set and started using it once a day under my makeup. I knew if it wasn’t going to work I’d know quickly. I used the oil for a week (I used it very sparingly) and I had no new blemishes and my skin looked even and healthy. I just bought my first full sized bottle today. Thank you!

  2. Heidi

    I love this product!! You know how you try so many lotions and moisturizers over the years and nothing really works? Well, this does! I originally thought I’d go for the Age Defying product, but after seeing the sample option (who can resist cute samples, by the way) and then seeing how quickly this oil worked with clearing my skin and a bit of eczema, I was hooked! Don’t worry.. I’ll be back for the Age Defying oil, and others as well!
    And thank you for the hand written notes…..A personal touch goes far!

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